Recent Writing

Carlton-Parada, A., & Prendeville S., The Semiotics of Counteraction: Designing Radicalism. In Preparation.

Syperek, P., Carlton-Parada A., Prendeville, S., Embodied Aesthetics and the Vicissitudes of Hope in Design for Social Change. In Preparation.

Prendeville, S., & Koria, M. (2022). Design Discourses of Transformation. She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation8(1), 65-92.

Prendeville S., Syperek, P., Santamaria, L., On the Politics of Design Framing Practices. Forthcoming. Design Issues.

Selected Chapters and Editorials

Prendeville, S., Carlton-Parada, A., Gerrard, V., Syperek, P., From Publics to Counterpublics—Design Politics of Participation. (Forthcoming). Proceedings of Participatory Design Conference 2022. Newcastle 19th Aug – 1st Sept ’22.

Prendeville S., and Syperek P., Counter-Framing Design: Politics of the New Normal. In Brandt, E.; Markussen, T., Berglund, E.; Julier, G.; and Linde, P. (eds.) (2021). Proceedings of Nordes 2021:Matters of Scale. 15-18 August 2021, Kolding, Denmark.

Koria, M., & Prendeville, S. (2020). Designing for Dilemmas: A Change Agenda for Infrastructure. In E. Tsekleves, J. Spencer, & Cooper, R. (Eds.), Design for Global Challenges. Taylor & Francis. Forthcoming.

Prendeville, S., Durrant, A., O’Murchu, N., & Leahy, K. (2019). Editorial: Conversations. In Book of DRS2018 Conversations: Catalyst. London. Design Research Society. ISBN 978-1-912294-36-7

Bonvoisin, J., Galla, J.K., Prendeville S. (2017). Design Principles for do-it-yourself production, Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, 68, pp.77-86

Prendeville, S., Hartung, G., Purvis, E., Brass, C., Hall, A. (2016). Makespaces: From redistributed manufacturing to a circular economy Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, 52, pp. 577-588

Selected Conference Papers and Presentations

Prendeville, S., Koria, M. Design and Discourses of Change. New School Conference on Management and Social Justice, NY. Forthcoming 2020.

Prendeville S., Santamaria L., The Politics of Framing in Design Practice. New School Conference on Management and Social Justice, NY. Forthcoming 2020.

A complete list of past writing available here.